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OMNIA Scientific is not redefining biomedical engineering, but reinventing it.  Introducing a composable manufacturing infrastructure, OMNIA is bridging the gap between science, engineering, and business.  By transforming the cost curve and offering multi-pathway solutions, OMNIA is bracing to make a global impact to elite partners in markets medical and medical device design, aerospace, defense, and technology.  The result:  LAUNCHPAD™.  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, when you look at OMNIA and the LAUNCHPAD™ process, you simply see elegance.  Being able to see the harmony in chaos — that is pure energy, that is the future.”  OMNIA continues to lead the pace in metrology, engineering technology, and scientific process development.  Let our Talent, Technology, and People elevate your business to the next level, and enhance your entire project launch experience.  From design, rapid production gateways, and market strategy, eliminate the runway — let us do the work.


We offer customers a complete validation and product launch package, ready for plug-and-play deployment, which ensures a perfect part and results in faster time to market.  Because our lab, production clean-rooms, and tooling facility are on the same campus, we save considerable time throughout project tracking by leveraging these services.   We have a brilliant staff of scientists, engineers, lab technicians, and we cultivate creative expression and problem solving.   Utilizing OMNIA’s ultra-metrology and validation expertise, partners will finally be able to achieve that dramatic reduction in their critical timelines that is so desperately needed. From tooling qualifications to the most complex medical, aerospace, and defense validations OMNIA’s partners can expect up to a 65% reduction in lead times.  The unique platform of LAUNCHPAD™ allows OMNIA to step in during any phase of a project, from initial design, to complex problem solving and strategic planning, with a future first focus.

L A U N C H P A D    I S    T R A N S F O R M I N G   T H E    C O S T   C U R V E